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25 Christmas gift ideas for teen girls they’ll really love (2023 edition)

25 Christmas gift ideas for teen girls they’ll really love (2023 edition)

I’ve put together some gift ideas for teen girls that will solve all your Christmas shopping dilemmas. There’s a gift ideas for teen boys over here too – both lists are good for any kind of teen. I find the older the kids get, the less gender “compartmentalisable” they are.

These Christmas gift ideas for teen girls (or boys) (I’ll stop now) cover every kind kid. Whether your girl is sporty, nerdy, frilly or fancy, there’s something here for her. Let’s face it, teen girls are not difficult to buy for. They tend to love many, many things.

A quick guide to gift buying for teen girls

1.  Make it about her

We say ‘teen girl’ and lump them all in together, but that’s not right. Every person is unique and just because she’s a teen girl, doesn’t mean she’s into Pretty Little Liars and bulldogs… no, wait, they are ALL into bulldogs right now…

2. Inspire creativity

This is my basic rule for any gift for any kid. Make it something that makes them want to make something.

3. Get something useful

What do they need. What can they use.

4. Give an experience

I’m generally quite over giving stuff and like to give experiences instead. A trip to the movies, an adventure park, a manicure, a picnic in the park. PS – Books are an experience.

Check out my favourite gift ideas for teen girls this season.

All the lists are here:

25 lovely Christmas gift ideas for teen girls

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1. So hip- $64.99

Gift ideas for teen girls - hip pack

What we used to call a ‘bum bag’ is now a ‘hip pack’. Same, same, kids.  This cute version will fit everything a gal needs and, like all the best bum bags of old, it’s easy to carry and hands-free.

Get it at Platypus Shoes.

2. Lists, Lists, Lists! – $23.75

Because teen girls love making lists (they don’t know what they are in for later in life!). Practical lists, fun lists, hopes and dreams lists… I kinda want one for myself.

Get it at Booktopia.

3. Pocket print – $169

Gift ideas for teen girls - Polaroid printer

A new version of an old party fave. This Bluetooth pocket photo printer prints photos directly from your phone. How cool is that? You can also add stickers, filters, and text via the app on your phone before printing, letting your teen print out cute, customised gifts for friends on the go.

Get it at Officeworks.

4. H2Oh – $49.95

A Frank Green water bottle is for life. See also, Hydro Flask.

Get it at Dick Smith.

5. Unicorn hair – $3.95

Fab coloured hair, gone in three washes. Such a tops little stocking stuffer (also good for Advent calendars!)

Get it at Dick Smith.

6. Noise cancelling friend – $34.99

Noise cancelling headphones

Wireless, noise cancelling headphones at a super-decent price. A good set of headphones for your teen is a gift to yourself.

Get them at Kogan.

7. Every gal needs a felt letter board – $45

This is adorable and a must-have for cool Instagram kids. Make up your own inspirational messages and post them up. Or just keep track of your dreams.

Get it at Hard To Find.

8. Don’t wipe the planet – $29

Gift ideas for teen girls - reusable makeup wipes

Removing makeup is a full-time job for many teens and the planet thanks you for buying these reusable wipes. Use, rinse and toss in the washing machine. Eco-conscious Gen Zedders (and hopefully that’s all of them) will love this one.

Get it at Gifts Australia.

9. One more sleep – $59.99

A sweet Christmas PJ set that’s comfy to wear to bed and around the house on Chrissy morning. If you’re not into Christmas sets, there are loads of other patterns to choose from.

Get it at Cotton On.

10. Helpful buddy – $45.57

Legami Koala super charger

This little pal packs two extra mobile phone charges into its cutie koala package. Extra music time for your girl, peace of mind for you!

Get it at Dick Smith.  

11. Well planned – $31.40

Gift ideas for teen girls - planner

Teen girls love to PLAN and I can’t think of anything better to plan ahead for than good health. This is a habit tracking, goal setting, life-affirming planner that will help her stay on track with any goal.

Get it at Booktopia.

12. Censored@#$% – $10

Bad language affirmation cards make a fun Christmas gifts for teens

I should probably pop a language warning on these sweary affirmation cards, but many teens will absolutely love them. And so might you.

Buy them at etsy.

13. AirPod fun – $23

Minnie Mouse AirPods case

An adorable Minnie Mouse AirPods case to keep her pods protected and a smile on her dial.

Get it at Gifts Australia.

14. Sand free – $19.99

Ovela Sand Free Beach Towel

You can never have enough beach towels  and this clever version is means you can laze on the beach without sand in your dacks.

Get it at Dick Smith.

15. Life highlight – $9.99

Animal highlighters are a cute Christmas gift for teens

Pretty sure I’m buying a set of these for myself this year… I’m a sucker for a face on a pen and your teen is sure to be too.

But them at etsy.

16. Toofy – $35.98

Tooth studs for Christmas

There’s just something about a gal that wears teeth in her ears…

Get it at etsy.

17. Go get ’em – $484

Go Pro Mini

This is what my 17-year-old wants for Christmas (as does our bank manager). She’s an all-action fierce kind of girl who wants to film herself dropping off the side of buildings, flying on the trapeze, swinging through the treetops. Maybe you have a teen like that too?

Get it at Dick Smith.

18. Start with a Dot – $21.75

A beautiful creative project begins with a single dot. This book is perfect for girls who love art, but especially good for those who think they can’t…

Get it at Booktopia.

19. Charmed, I’m sure – $14.99

A ‘silver tone’ bracelet you can add additional charms to. Of course, if you’re feeling flush, you can find actual silver versions of this here and here.

Get it at Lovisa.

20. Girls Think of Everything – $15.95

Gifts for teen girls

This book is aimed at a younger market, but it’s an inspiring read about the amazing things women have invented over the years. This illustrated book details the inspiration behind inventions like the windscreen wiper and chocolate chips that don’t melt, and how the women turned their ideas into reality.

Get it at Booktopia.

21. Yup – $69.99

Crocs are weirdly SHRN (unlike the expression so hot right now…) I know, I know, it’s not right. But just remember how handy a pair of crocs are and you’ll soon be clicking to buy.

Get it at Platypus Shoes.

22. Hello sunshine – $39.95

Hello Sunshine

Yup, heeeello sunshine!

Get it at etsy.

23. Permission to breathe out – $41.85

Teen Breathe mag

Six issues of Teen Breathe magazine is a gift of insight, calm and wisdom in a crazy teen world. I got this for my daughter last Christmas and it’s been a lovely gift that pops up each month. I really enjoy reading it myself.

Buy it from iSubscribe

24. Large and squishy bean bag chair – $30

Squishy beanbag chair makes one of the best Christmas gifts for teens

A teen loves nothing more than to throw themselves onto something and not move for hours. This is that something.

Get it at Kmart.

25. DIY ceramics – $59.25

Craft kits for teens

I love kits and I’m pretty sure there are lots of teens in your life who love them too. This one is great for all genders.

Grab it from etsy.

Who’s on your Christmas list?

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