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21+ Christmas gift ideas for tween girls they will really love (2021 edition)

21+ Christmas gift ideas for tween girls they will really love (2021 edition)

This massive list of gift ideas for tween girls joins our list for teen boys, tween boys and teen girls. So check those out for more thoughtful gifts that might also suit your tweenie.

In this list, I’ve included gifts that suit girly tween girls and less girly tween girls. Very important, as I happen to have one of each myself. This can be an especially tricky age to buy for, as some tween girls are quite sophisticated, whereas others are still happily playing with dolls and softies.

One thing I know for sure, when it come to gift ideas for tween girls, you can’t go wrong with a book. This is the age where it seems kids are most likely to identify as a “reader” – they are proud of their reading capabilities and enjoy books, but haven’t yet decided that they’d rather do something else. Try buying a ‘next step’ book that will challenge your tween girl with a story she can really sink her teeth into.

Enjoy sifting through all my gift ideas for tween girls and let me know what you end up getting for your girl!

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29 gift ideas for tween girls

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1. Bocce set

bocce set

In European countries, bocce is a popular game for life. For under 10 bucks, it’s about time we found out why!

Buy it at BCF for $9.99

2. Name necklace

Nameplate necklaces

Name necklaces are back – not that they ever really went away. This is a sweet version for a tween girl and quality enough to take care of and keep forever.

Get it at Etsy.

3. Personalised weekly planner

Gifts for tweens - personalised notebook

I reckon any tween girl would love her own personalised organisation notebook… or maybe that’s just me? Wait, no, I just did a check with the teen girl brigade and they agree that it’s a fine gift for a tweenie.

Get it from Photobook Australia (BTW, they have lovely photobooks too!) for $11.17

4. Shower timer

shower timer

My daughter needs this, just sayin’.

Buy it at Yellow Octopus for $9.99

5. A bloody good book

Book 3 in the Stella Montgomery series by Judith Rossell is brilliant! This is my 13-year-old daughter’s favourite book series EVER. The first book is Withering-by-Sea, the second is Wormwood Mire, and book three is Wakestone Hall. Highly recommended for girls 8+.

Get it at Booktopia for $21.75. 

Book gift ideas here too: 16+ books both boys and girls like

6. Skipping rope

Gifts for tweens - skipping rope

It may surprise everyone to know, but skipping is back. My teen girls are right into it right now. Trust Cotton On to come to the party with this cute rope that you can get in lavender or apricot.

Get it at Cotton On for $9.99

7. Pretty wallet

Gift ideas for tweens - cute wallet

Right now this sweet wallet is on sale at Strandbags for $14.99 – it used to be $34.99. There’s also a cute floral version for the same price if that’s more your girl’s thing. Strandbags, huh? Who knew?

Get it at Strandbags for $14.99

8. Fingerprinting kit

Gifts for tweens - fingerprinting kit

One for budding sleuths (and all tweens have a tendency to be nosy and hopefully problem-solvey). You can actually use this kit to pull a pretty good fingerprint. Fans of Brooklyn 99 will be here for this.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $10.99

9. Another bloody good book

My sister AL Tait’s amazing Ateban Cipher series is a great read for any tween girl. It’s a mystery with cool girl characters who your girl will want to be immediately. For which I should issue a warning: the girls live in a tree in the forest…

Get it at Booktopia for $12.95.

10. Panda sleep mask

Gifts for tweens - sleep maskWe all want our tweens to get really, really good at sleeping. This mask might help. Plus they will look so darn cute in it.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $9.99

11. We live in hope – $20

Hair elastics holder for tween girls

This is a cute attempt at not finding hair elastics all over the house. Until you need one, of course. In which case there are none to be found anywhere, forever.

Get it at Etsy.

12. Vlogging tripod

I’m sorry, I know. We don’t want to encourage the tik toking, vlogging crazy kiddos. But this is what they want and if we can’t give them that at Christmas, when can we?

Get it from Gifts Australia for $20

13. Projector set

projector set

Movie nights are GO! What a fun gift for tweens and it’s half-price at BCF until 24th December. Go, go, go!

Get it half-price at BCF for $99

14. Boho hanging chair

Gifts for tweens: Hanging chair

My daughter is desperate for a chair like this, so on the list it goes.

Get it from BCF for $99.99 (club price from $69.99)

15. iPad mini

I can’t live without my iPad mini. It’s the perfect size for holding to read, draw (with my Apple pencil) and pop into your bag. It’s an extravagant pressie for a tween, but one they will have for years (mine is five years old and still going strong).

Buy it at Dick Smith for $541

16. Just Dance

Gifts for tweens - Just Dance

If she haven’t got it already, get her a copy of this gem. It’s such a lot of fun and it will get a lot of use. The link is good for PS5, Nintendo, etc versions.

Grab it from Dick Smith for $59

17. A creative book

We own all the Kerri Smith books and this one is one of her best. It encourages kids (and adults) to look beyond their immediate environment and imagine possibilities instead. Great for growing curious brains.

Get it at Booktopia for $23.75.

Find more books to encourage creativity here.


18. Sumo costume

Gifts for tweens: Sumo costume

I kinda want to get this for me…

Get it from Gifts Australia for $79

19. Smart touch lamp with speaker

Gifts for tweens: touch lamp

This would be such a cool thing for a tweenie bedroom. A touch-control bedside lamp that changes colours AND has tunes sounds ace!

Buy it at Gifts Australia for $50

20. Push scooter


This is a mean machine that looks a treat. A long-distance folding scooter that will take your tween across town to visit friends or pick up some milk from the store. It’s fully adjustable, so if they take care of it, they can ride or die for life.

Get it from Dick Smith for $99

21. Slides

They’re not going away anytime soon. I’m sorry.

Get them at Hype DC for $49.99

22. Bath bomb lab

Bath bomb lab is the best gifts for tweens

I love it when a gift is a game, a luxury product and an education all in one. I’d like to think that this gift is non-gender specific. I don’t know when girls claimed ownership of a soothing bath, but I do know that boys should try one.

Get it at Yellow Octopus for $36.99

23. Phone charms

I honestly don’t understand the charm of phone charms. I mean, why would you want something dangly swinging in your face when you make a call? But tweens get it. They also get that anyone under the age of 40 doesn’t actually make calls with their phone…

Get it at Glassons for $12.99

24. Friends Puzzle

Friends puzzle

Can you believe that Friends is a thing again? Thanks Netflix! Tween girls everywhere are being oh-so-retro with catchphrases like “Could I be any more like my mother 20 years ago?” So weird, but she’ll love this Friends milkshake puzzle, I promise.

Get it from Dick Smith for $17.99

25. Sunnylife glitter noodle

Noodle - gifts for tweens for Christmas

Add some disco to their pool days with a glitter pool noodle. It’s beautiful when the sun shines on it/them.

Get it from Dick Smith for $16.15

26. Avo catch game

Avo catch game

Please! We need this in our lives!

Get it from Gifts Australia for $20

27. Ring trio


Rings are a thing. It will make your tween feel so grown up when they open this present.

Get them at Glassons for $14.95

28. Yoga pretzels – $19.99

A colourful set of cards that teaches the basics of yoga in bite-sized amounts. A good way to get some stretches in yourself, just quietly…

Get it at Booktopia for $17.95. 

29. Vans bucket hat

Gifts for tweens: Vans bucket hat

Tie-dyed, check. Bucket-style, check. Cool brand, check.

Buy it at Platypus Shoes for $34.99 (on sale)

Who’s on your list for these gift ideas for tween girls?

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