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6 great podcasts for middle school boys

6 great podcasts for middle school boys

I’ve discovered podcasts this year and often listen to one on the way home from school on the bus. These three are my favourites so far. I’d recommend any of these podcasts for middle school boys and older. Of course, loads of girls will like listening to these too.

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1. Dear Hank and John

Best podcasts for teens - Dear Hank and John

This weekly podcast is marketed as a ‘comedy podcast about death’, and author John Green and his brother Hank sure deliver a podcast full of comedy, dubious advice, and all the latest news on everything from Mars to AFC Wimbledon.

I love this podcast because of its humour and references to pop culture. I also like how John reads a short poem at the start of each podcast. I would recommend it for listeners 14+.

The brothers have a YouTube channel (The Vlogbrothers) which I also enjoy, and learn a lot from.

2. Sleek Geeks

Podcasts for tweens - Sleek Geeks

This is a great podcast where two geeks (Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and mathematician Adam Spencer) discuss all things science and maths. Packed with facts, questions, and a healthy dose of humour, this is one of my favourite podcasts. There are 44 episodes to enjoy.

3. Dr Karl on Triple J

Good podcasts for middle school boysScience with Dr Karl Triple J

In this weekly podcast, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zan Rowe and various guests answer science questions from Triple J listeners. I love this podcast because I learn so many interesting facts from it. If you enjoy Dr Karl’s books (as I do), or are interested in science at all, you’ll love this podcast.

Three more recommendations from the Editors:

4. Wait, Wait.. Don’t Tell Me –  funny trivia quiz from NPR that features listeners calling in to compete.

5. What’s Good Games – if your tween boy is into games, he’ll be into this podcast. The best bit: he can’t really play video games while listening to a podcast. Or can he?

6. #WhoWouldWin – this is just an awesome podcast for anyone. It tries to answer the ‘who would win in a fight’ question and naturally it gets quite fiery!

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What podcasts for middle school boys would you recommend?

NB: I listen to podcasts through iTunes, so I’ve linked to them there, but there are different podcast streaming services you can use and Google is the best way to find them.

Feature image by William Iven