Cinnamon apple chips raw

Cinnamon apple chips are the perfect anytime snack. Even the most domestically-challenged among us can master these delicious morsels. Apple chips are yum enough and filling enough to stop the kids moaning about food for, oh, the whole five minutes it takes them to devour the lot.

If I knew just how much kids could eat before I had them, I would have invested in some kind of food business. You know like our own supermarket or a fleet of home chefs who create ‘healthy but filling’ after-school snacks.

Hindsight, huh? Useless bloody thing!

For those of us who don’t have our own supermarkets to raid whenever we please or access to a home chef (i.e pretty much all of us), try my recipe for homemade cinnamon apple chips.

*Hint* make a lot of these as they tend to not last long in the hands of the hungry midgets.

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Cinnamon apple chips

Cinnamon apple chips - delicious

Makes about 30-45 chips
Prep time: About 15 min
Baking time: 2 hours

2-3 red apples
cinnamon sugar

Preheat oven to 100ºC.

Thinly slice the apple in full rounds. No need to peel, although you can core the apple if you like. Use a mandolin for thin, even slices that result in super-crispy apple chips. If you don’t have a mandolin, slice as thinly as you can with a sharp knife. Be careful!

Cinnamon apple chips

Put the apple slices on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Try not to overlap the slices if possible.

Cinnamon apple chips raw

Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar generously over the slices then slow bake for 2 hours turning your apple chips once at the one hour mark.

Let the apple chips cool for ultimate crispiness and store in an airtight jar for up to a week.

What’s your kids’ favourite snack?


Cinnamon apple chips - 2-ingredient apple chips

Sonia Stackhouse

Sonia Stackhouse is the founder of Little Lane Workshops, an art, craft and lifestyle studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She is also mum to three boys – two teens and a tweenie. Sonia shares her fabulously flawed attempts at being a mum and business owner on her popular blog Life Love and Hiccups.

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