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8 DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends

8 DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends

The great thing about a DIY Christmas gifts for friends is that they are generally inexpensive to make. So you can spread the love far and wide.

Once you gather all the things you need and get yourself organised, DIY Christmas gifts are always surprisingly quick and simple to put together. The extra amount of time invested is always appreciated by your friend too – nothing says ‘you matter to me’ more than a handmade gift!

While I’m looking for inspiration for my own friends this year, I thought I’d collect together some of my favourite ideas to inspire you too. Banish all ideas of daggy homemade gifts – these are all stylish and delightful.

Just so we’re clear: I’m no great crafter. If it can’t be made in a heartbeat, I just don’t have the patience for it. So these DIY Christmas gifts are all carefully chosen to give maximum impact for minimum effort.

Maybe you’d like to make a little something for a lovely someone this year too?


DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends

1. Printable ‘For your mistle toes’ labels to attach to a pretty nail polish colour. By Ivy in the Bay.

2. DIY succulent terrarium with wood base. By Jennifer Kirk for Project Wedding.

3. Metallic polka dot Sharpie mugs. By Knock Off Decor.

4. Magnetic Scrabble board. By House of Payne.

DIY Christmas gifts to make for friends

1. Muffins in sweet paper plate box. By It’s Always Autumn.

2. Elephant key ring holder. By Creative Soul Spectrum.

3. Succulent cork magnets. By Pop Sugar.

4. Toadstool pencils. By Scissors, Paper, Wok.

For the kids, you can also make cute Elf Donuts (we’ve got an elf donuts free printable label to make it super simple for you). Or wrap lifesavers in a Merry Christmas lifesavers wrapper. DIY Christmas gifts can’t get any easier than that!

Do you give gifts to good friends or maybe to their children?


DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends - easy to make tutorials