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10 really good lunchbox savoury slices to try

10 really good lunchbox savoury slices to try

When sandwiches are just too boring, savoury slices are there to save the day. (Though, just quietly, if the sambos are boring, you’re doing it wrong.)

There are three very good reasons to make these slices for lunch. One, they are super simple to make. Two, they travel exceptionally well. Three, you can make them ahead and freeze.

Oh, actually, four very good reasons to make lunchbox savoury slices: they are bloody delicious.

So, make one, pack one and enjoy one asap. Here are 10 savoury slices to get you started.

10 lunchbox savoury slices

1. Zucchini and carrot

Zucchini and carrot slice

Image: Maxabella

This is the classic zucchini slice made just that little bit better. I made this zucchini and carrot version by accident one day when I didn’t have enough zucchinis for the traditional slice. We liked it even better.

2. Tuna bake slice

Tuna lunchbox savoury slice by YUM

Image: Your Ultimate Menu

This is one of the many savoury slices that go down a treat with my kids. Just remember to pack this one in an insulated bag with an ice pack.

3. Bacon and noodle slice

Bacon and noodle slice from Taste

Image: Guy Bailey

This is a fun recipe that uses hoikken noodles as its base. So, if like 99% of other kids out there yours likes two-minute noodles, chances are they will love this slice in their lunchbox.

4. Zucchini and sweet potato

Sweet potato and zucchini slice by Cook Republic

Image: Sneh Roy

I think Sneh from Cook Republic did a similar thing to me when she created her sweet potato slice (see zucchini and carrot above). She’s packed in the veggies and I can tell you, it’s amazing.

5. Zucchini, seed and curry leaf cake

Handvo is one of our favourite lunchbox savoury slices. It’s like an Indian version of a classic zucchini slice, and it’s so good! There’s loads of veggies, seeds and spices in there to keep the kids guessing. I work for SBS Food, so this Anjum Anand slice has been on my cook list for a long time. 

6. Crustless spinach and feta pie

Skinnytaste's crustless spinach pie

Image: Skinnytaste

To make this spinach pie more ‘slice’ like, just bake it in a slice tin, rather than a pie tin. It’s also really good with halved cherry tomatoes on top.

7. Sweet potato and bacon savoury slice

Baking Makes Things Better sweet potato and bacon savoury slice

Image: Baking Makes Things Better

This lunchbox savoury slice from Baking Makes Things Better isn’t one we’ve tried… yet. Boy it looks good! Adding tomatoes on top and not to the mix ensures your slice doesn’t get too wet. Important when packing in the lunchboxes!

8. Rainbow veggie slice

Rainbow veggie slice

This looks YUM and great served cold in the lunchbox. Recipe by Kidgredients here:

Posted by Mumlyfe – For mums of older kids on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Kidgredients always delivers fantastic lunchbox fare and this veggie-packed slice is king of the boxes. Kylie shows how easy it is to make it in the video above.

9. Sweetcorn and broccoli slice

Corn and broccoli savoury slice by Australian Eggs

Image: Australian Eggs

This is a super-quick one to make that features a lot of eggs (it’s a recipe created for Australian Eggs, after all!). Not a good one to freeze, but it keeps well for up to four days. For me, that’s enough time for all of it to be packed into the lunchboxes over a couple of days.

10. Ham, cheese and tomato slice

Create Bake Make ham cheese and tomato is one of our lunchbox savoury slices

Image: Lauren Matheson

Lauren from Create Bake Makes is a trusted Mumlyfe recipe contributor, so you can bet you’re in good hands here. The classic ham, cheese and tomato pairing means you can’t go wrong as far as the kids are concerned, either. Thanks Lauren!

What are your kids’ fave savoury slices for lunch?

10 really good savoury lunchbox slices