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Photo nature hunt poem for curious kids

Photo nature hunt poem for curious kids

A nature hunt is so easy to do

All they need are a camera (the i’s Pod and Phone are good options here), curiosity and a list of things to take a picture of. Easy, huh?

The thing is, taking photos like this is actually very absorbing. Some kids will really find they love it and might go on to develop a love of nature photography. You never know! Encouraging any kind of creative pursuit is important. Creativity is the trait many top companies listed as the most important for future success. Who knows where this simple nature hunt could lead your kid?

Around the block is enough

Of course, the furthest it will most likely lead them is around the block, but that can only be a good thing. Keeping tweens occupied in the hols requires plenty of creativity all by itself. Hopefully they’ll fall in love with the nature hunt concept and you can write them out a list every other day. What a great way to keep a kid happy and busy! 

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Print out the poem/list

I’ve created a printable pdf list to get you started. I wrote a little poem for you to make this nature hunt seem like this is more special than just a list of things to take a picture of. Even though that’s pretty much what it is.

Reckon you’d like to go on a nature hunt yourself?