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Raspberry and coconut loaf

No-dairy raspberry and coconut loaf

‘Loaf’ is one of those humble almost-forgotten-but-nevertheless-awesome foodie words. Mind you, my favourite is definitely ‘groke’ which is a lost old Scots word meaning “to gaze meaningfully at somebody eating in the hope…

Blueberry pancake sheet cake - easy-as pancakes for a crow

Blueberry pancake sheet cake – bulk pancakes made easy

I’ve struck gold with this pancake sheet cake recipe. I made pancakes for 15 people on the weekend and there was absolutely no time spent flipping at the stove. Instead, I whipped…

Wholemeal Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe

Wholemeal buttermilk pancakes recipe

This is my favourite wholemeal buttermilk pancakes recipe that I’ve been making since I was a teen. Pancakes can be fiddly for breakfast, but I’ve got a great system going that means…

Ham and cheese scrolls

Lunchbox ideas: Ham and cheese scrolls recipe

This yummy recipe for ham and cheese scrolls uses self-raising flour instead of yeast. So they’re quick to make and not fussy at all. I like making a batch for afternoon tea…

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