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9 fun things for kids to make with felt

9 fun things for kids to make with felt

Felt is a cheap, versatile craft supply (you can buy sheets of it at Kmart for about $6 for 12 sheets, it’s also available at discount shops and craft shops).

My eldest daughter made the cute little bears above, cutting out the felt and sewing on the ears and eyes. She drew the rest of the faces with a Sharpie and proudly brought her sweet brother and sister bears in to show me. She’s a wearer of the clever clogs, my Arabella.

She reminds me all the time how fun it is to make something. Being absorbed in a craft is a mindful activity that relaxes the soul. Then, when you are small, there is so much fun to be had playing with your creations. Brother and sister bear were whisked off for a teddy bears’ picnic quick smart!

Later she added some pigs to the mix and sold one to her brother for $1.50 (negotiated down from $2!). She calls these little figures ‘Patch Pals’ and says they are for sewing over holes in your trousers. She has pre-orders from her aunty, mother and best friend so she’ll be crafting for a while yet!

Fun with felt

Felt is a wonderful medium to experiment with if you are not very crafty to begin with. It is robust and mistakes just seem to be magically absorbed by this friendly fabric. You don’t even need to be a sewer as felt glues so well.

Here are 9 more things for kids to make with felt

9 things for kids to make with felt

1. Superhero masks from Handmade Frenzy (these would glue just fine)

2. Articulated Hand by Go Science Girls

3. Bag for weather stones from The Craft Train

4. Children’s storyboard from Little Green Notebook

5. Plantable garden box from A Beautiful Mess

6. Felt ‘paper dolls’ from The Prudent Homemaker Blog

7. Tic Tac Toe by Childhood 101

8. Hair clips by Come on, Ilene

9. Love Heart by Laughing Kids Learn

What’s your kid’s fave felty project?