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50+ of the best Christmas gifts for tweens of all ages

50+ of the best Christmas gifts for tweens of all ages

Those lovely little tweenie tweens are equal parts delightful and depressing. No one does he sulk better or holds a grudge longer than a tween. Especially a tween who wanted an Apple watch but received a calculator instead (this may or may not have happened at our place). Which is why getting the gifts for tweens right is so very important.

Here are more than 50 gifts for tweens that will have them smiling and thankful and oozing that joyful exuberance that tweens do so well. And nothing will make us smile more at Christmas than that.

{Here’s a great round up of gifts for teens too}


Note that gifts marked with an * support #BuyFromTheBush, Charity or Fairtrade. Please also note that Mumlyfe uses affiliate links at no cost to you. Click here to find out more.

Awesome gifts for tweens under $10

Floating down the river on a Sunday afternoon…

Inflatable mat for tweens for Christmas

How’s this for a substantial-feeling gift for under 10 bucks? It comes in yellow, pink and blue. Speaking of floating down the river… if you’ve got the cash, buy them a canyoning experience where they can literally float down the river on their new lilo…

Buy it at BCF for $9.99

Bath bombs away

Most tweens want to smell good (some, not so much) and they also want to feel ‘grown up’. Which makes a bath bomb or shower steamer a really welcome gift.

Get them from Woolies for $5-8

Shower on time

shower timer

Speaking of spending time getting clean in the shower… just not too much time, right?!

Buy it at Yellow Octopus for $9.99

Skipping time

Skipping rope for tween for Christmas

It may surprise everyone to know, but skipping is back. My teen girls are right into it right now. Trust Cotton On to come to the party with this cute rope that you can get in lavender or apricot.

Get it at Cotton On for $9.99

Velvet hairdo*


Jump on the scrunchie revival for a cheap gift that benefits others. Profits from every purchase made at the Leprosy Shop goes towards eradicating leprosy throughout the world.

Buy at the Leprosy Shop for $5 each

Fancy a game?

Gifts for tweens - chinese checkers

A classic game you’ve probably forgotten how to play. It’s incredibly addictive – the precursor to screens, back in the day!

Get it at Dick Smith for a tiny $4.25

More good stocking filler games:

Cute dreams

Gifts for tweens - sleep maskWe all want our tweens to get really, really good at sleeping. This mask might help. Plus they will look so darn cute in it.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $9.99

Climb this ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is basically the ultimate fidget spinner.

Get it from Dick Smith for $9

Ace gifts for tweens $20 and under

Good game

This is a fantastic price from Dick Smith for a headset that is usually $50!

Buy it at Dick Smith for $14.99

World’s smallest magic 8 ball

Gifts for tweens - magic 8 ball

A cute little stocking filler, tweens love things like magic 8 balls and party tricks. It just appeals to their sense of the absurd. If you think you can stand it, they’d also love this practical jokes kit

Grab it at Yellow Octopus for $12.99

Well noted

Notebook for tween for Christmas

A grown-up notebook to house all their important lists, hopes and dreams. Also comes in dusty pink.

Get it at Gifts Australia for $14

Future Sherlock/Enola Holmes apply here

Gifts for tweens - fingerprinting kit

One for budding sleuths (and all tweens have a tendency to be nosy and hopefully problem-solvey). You can actually use this kit to pull a pretty good fingerprint. Fans of Brooklyn 99 will be here for this.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $10.99

Charge ’em up

Charging station is a good gift for tweenies

The sleek way to charge the Apple watch, phone, pods and pad. We need about 105 of these spread all around the home…

Buy it at Yellow Octopus for $16.99

Mindfulness challenge

Mindfulness poster is a great gift for tween

I love this one!! A daily challenge for 100 days to help kids pay attention to what’s around, including things like donating stuff you no longer need, doing some yoga, focusing on breathing, making your bed (always a good idea) and planning ahead.

Get it at Yellow Octopus for $19.99

Dunkin’ Duncan

Duncan the drinking bird

Forget the tweenies, I think I would like a Duncan the Drinking Bird for Christmas myself…

Buy it at Yellow Octopus for $18.99

Light it right

I’m sorry, I know. We don’t want to encourage the tik toking, vlogging crazy kiddos. But this is what they want and if we can’t give them that at Christmas, when can we?

Get it from Gifts Australia for $20

Girl Stuff

Girls Stuff by Kaz Cooke

Every tween girl needs a manual and Kaz Cooke’s book is as close as it gets. It’s been updated over the years, but her humour and empathy has definitely stood the test of time (I think Kaz was around when I was a tween – jaysus). There’s also a ‘Girl Stuff for girls aged 13+‘ if you think your girl is ready for that.

Buy it at Booktopia for $20.75

Boy Stuff

Growing Up For Boys

Not quite Kaz, but a good overview of getting bigger for tween boys. Puberty sux, but it helps to have a handle on what to expect.

Buy it at Booktopia for $13.95

{More great book series: 18 awesome book series for reluctant readers}

Friends Puzzle

Friends puzzle

Can you believe that Friends is a thing again? Thanks Netflix! Tween girls everywhere are being oh-so-retro with catchphrases like “Could I be any more like my mother 20 years ago?” So weird, but she’ll love this Friends milkshake puzzle, I promise.

Get it from Dick Smith for $17.99

Start ’em up

Rolling Stones glitter pool ring

Add some disco to their pool days with a glitter Rolling Stones pool noodle. It’s beautiful when the sun shines on it/them.

Get it from Dick Smith for $12.99

Unreal gifts for tweens $35 and under

Light ’em up

String of lights for Christmas

I actually just put an order in for this me! Pretty sure any tween would love one too…

Get it at Gifts Australia for $25

(Third) lazy arm

Lazy arm for tweens for Christmas

There will be 101 uses for this smartphone ‘lazy arm’ – mostly holding the screen in exaaaactly the right position while they watch YouTube.

Get it from Gifts Australia for $23

Panda thief

Panda for Christmas

How cute is this coin-stealing panda? You put a coin on the bamboo pad and he pops up out of his crate to palm it. 

Get him at Yellow Octopus for $24.99

Charity tee*

Love is a human right - gifts for tween girls

Love is a human right and your fiesty tween wants to shout if from the rooftops. Yell away, dear child, yell away. Also available in black.

Get it from Amnesty International for $25

Curious cats

I love books of any kind, but I especially love books that foster creativity and curiosity. This bumper book from the team at The School of Life that does that and more.

Buy it Booktopia for $29.25 

Future gardener (and hopefully eater)

Grow your own greens - gift idea for tweens

They’ll have so much fun growing their own fresh groovy greens, kitchen herbs or culinary flowers and maybe even eat some of their produce!

Get it at Yellow Octopus for $29.99

Clever game

Codenames makes a great Christmas gift for tweens

Codenames is a favourite at our house that we all actually love playing, so if you haven’t got a set yet, get onto it.

Buy one at Gifts Australia for $35

Dissenters tee*

Hand screen printed on an ethically made t-shirt, this one is a beauty. “Octopus says clean the sea” – a great message for environmentally aware kiddos. Dissenters is a Wollongong NSW community of passionate, socially motivated artists who have banded together to create t-shirts that challenge the status quo.

Get it at Going Green Solutions for $24.95

Schoolbooks for kids*

Schoolbooks for kids World Vision

Through World Vision you can buy school books for a needy kid. On request, they’ll send your child a card to say thank you. There are plenty of other options, starting at $5.

Get it at World Vision for $30

Pow, smash, tidy

Gifts for tweens: Boxing laundry bag

Do you think this cool boxing laundry bag would encourage them to pick their clothes up? A mum can dream, right?

Get it at Yellow Octopus for $29.99

Music maker

Now, I don’t know if buying a tween a harmonica is the equivalent of buying a toddler a drum, but here we are.

Get one at Yellow Octopus for $21.99

Zine making

Read all about it - gifts for tweens

Read All About It is everything a kid needs to create their own zines to share. They write, illustrate and produce the mini-mags, following prompts in the kit.

Get it at Booktopia for $26.50

{More great books to give to tweens}

Backyard bliss

Gifts for tweens: Totem tennis

Do they still call this totem tennis? This was a gift we peaked too early with, getting our kids one when they were about 6, 5 and 3. Waaaay too early. Totem tennis is a much better gift for older kids.

Get it at BCF for $24.99

Still sliding

They’re not going away anytime soon. I’m sorry. You’ll probably (gasp) want to buy a pair of socks for them to wear with them… these sushi socks are fun.

Get them at Hype DC for $49.99

Sciencey book

101 Brilliant Things For Kids to Do With Science

101 Brilliant Things For Kids to Do With Science is seriously entertaining and absorbing. This book will foster creativity, curiosity and, most likely, lots of cleaning up. But it’s worth it.

Get it at Booktopia for $22.95

{More books for to encourage creativity}

All the colours

Are felt tip pens in as high demand at your place as they are at mine? This mega 120-pack of high-quality markers will sort the situation out immediately.

Get them from Dick Smith for $27.99

Tops gifts for tweens $50 and under

DIY bowling alley

DIY cardboard bowling alley

This is a lot of fun to both make and play. I think a game gift at Christmas is always a good idea as it gives the kids something to do after lunch.

Get it at Yellow Octopus for $39.99

Weather report

Standby, your tween can predict the weather with this super cool weather station. I wasn’t sure how it would work either, but apparently it turns different levels of opaque depending on what weather is coming up. I know, so cool, right?

Grab one from Gifts Australia for $39

Dumpling light

Gifts for tweens: Dumpling light

This adorable dumpling is known by many names: XLB, Xiao Long Bao, 小籠包 and シャオロンバオ, but your tween will simply know him as the cutest night companion (so far). 

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $49.99

Survival Game

This is such a fun game – really fast paced with plenty of laughs. You have to pick three things to get you through crazy scenarios. Played with four or more players, it’s a good excuse to get friends together over the holidays.

Get it from Gifts Australia for $39

Guess Who? Yep, Marvel

Marvel just gets bigger and bigger every year and Guess Who? is a game that’s also stood the test of time. Put them together and…

Get it at Dick Smith for $42.95

Colour changing umbrella

This is so cool! When the umbrella gets wet, the raindrop patterns turn into a rainbow. When it’s dry, the drops are white.

Get it from Gifts Australia for $49

Star gazing

Name a Star Christmas gifts for tweens

Naming your own star is the kind of gimmicky gift a tween will really go for. And, let’s face it, we’d all like to have our very own star to wish upon.

Buy the pack from Gifts Australia for $50

What’s your name?

A personalised gift is always extra nice, so these name bar bracelets will be a winner. This is a good gift to pop in the post.

Find one at Gifts Australia for $49

Painting lessons

How to Paint for tweens

You might remember the gorgeous Tiger Tribe creative packs from when the kids were younger? Well, this one is still perfect for your tween.

Buy it at Gifts Australia for $40

Brilliant gifts for tweens for under $100

Bedside companion

Gifts for tweens: touch lamp

This would be such a cool thing for a tweenie bedroom. A touch-control bedside lamp that changes colours AND has tunes sounds ace!

Buy it at Gifts Australia for $55


Bouncy goal

Kids who love soccer can literally kick a ball against the wall for hours on end. Bang, bang, bang, bang… you know what I’m talking about. This (quiet) bouncy goal is the answer to your headache.

Grab one at Woolies for $75.95

Floating tunes

Get into the summer spirit with some tunes by the pool.

Get it from Gifts Australia for $90

Just Dance

Gifts for tweens - Just Dance

If they haven’t got it already, get a copy of this for any gender. It’s such a lot of fun and it will get a lot of use. There are other gaming consoles besides Nintendo Switch available (just click through to find them).

Grab it from Dick Smith for $56.95

Sumo costume

Gifts for tweens: Sumo costume

I think we all need a couple of these in our lives…

Get it from Gifts Australia for $79

Etiko sneakers*

Etiko slip on sneakers

These slip-on sneakers are vegan, organic and certified Fairtrade. Which sure beats the shoes we usually pop on our feet. They’re very cute too.

Buy from Etiko for $100

Plasma ball

Plasma ball

This thing responds to light and voice and I just think it’s so cool. Hopefully your tweenie will too!

Get it at Gifts Australia for $85

Boho hanging chair

Gifts for tweens: Hanging chair

My daughter is desperate for a chair like this, so on the list it goes.

Get it from BCF for $99.99

Extra-special gifts for tweens for $100+

Push scooter


This is a mean machine that looks a treat. A long-distance folding scooter that will take your tween across town to visit friends or pick up some milk from the store. It’s fully adjustable, so if they take care of it, they can ride or die for life.

Get it from Dick Smith for $107.80

iPad mini

I can’t live without my iPad mini. It’s the perfect size for holding to read, draw (with my Apple pencil) and pop into your bag. It’s an extravagant pressie for a tween, but one they will have for years (mine is five years old and still going strong).

Buy it at Dick Smith from $349

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel

Gifts for tweens: Air Force 1

Go on, get them what they really want. I caved and bought a pair last year for my daughter and incredibly they are still the shoes the kids want. Since when does a fashion fad last that long? I reckon it’s still got legs, too. Or feet. 

Get them from Hype DC for $179.99

Slightly more affordable must-have shoes:

Outdoor projections

projector set

Movie nights are GO! 

Get it half-price at BCF for $199

Walking on air

AirPods are the only ear buds to be seen dead in (apparently). Dick Smith sell them a bit cheaper than most, but be warned that it might be the even-more expensive AirPod Pros that your tweenie is coveting.

Buy them at Dick Smith starting from $185


Still the one the kids want this year. I like that it’s a ‘home’ and ‘away’ experience. It supports multi-player games really well, which is an added bonus. The more social the better!

Get it from Dick Smith for $469

What gifts for tweens are on your list this year?

Feature image by Sandra Seitamaa; all other images supplied.

50+ awesome Christmas gifts for tweens of all ages


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Bron Thanks for the Cable Cover tip, actually a shop we have here and hopefully they have in stock. Siblings are after gifts for siblings. Tempted by the hairbrush, though pricier than the budget allowance left for the child needing one. Re the chair, if you're wondering if you should buy, last Christmas we bought two hanging chairs for out oldest two girls and they sit in them and read every single day. And if they are not in them then there is often someone else.

Bron Maxabella

Thursday 12th of December 2019

Great to hear, Erin. The chair will be on the list now!

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