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5 Books On My Christmas Wishlist

5 Books On My Christmas Wishlist

Books on my christmas wishlist - books for boys 15+I look back over my year of reading and my #52booksin52weeks was a bit of a washout.

I was reading, just not as much or as often as I would have liked.

I also blogged less often, but thankfully my brother Book Boy Jr (12) stepped into the gap (you can see his Christmas wishlist later this week).

My wishlist this year, it turns out, is all non-fiction of one type or another, with a strong music theme and a few familiar faces.

I hope you all have a lovely festive season.


Unreliable Memoirs

By Clive James

I hadn’t heard much about Clive James before his recent death, but from what I saw in documentaries and interviews he seemed like a very clever, entertaining man. Many people have described this as one of the funniest books they have ever read. I look forward to reading more about him.


Love is as Strong as Death: Poems chosen by Paul Kelly

By Paul Kelly

I’m interested to read the literary influences of this prolific songwriter.


Year of the Monkey

By Patti Smith

Another chapter of Smith’s memoir, this time detailing her 70th year. I really enjoyed ‘Just Kids‘ when I read it earlier this year.


Bowie’s Bookshelf: The Hundred Books That Changed David Bowie’s Life

By John O’Connell

I really like David Bowie’s music and this book, which looks at the 100 books that changed Bowie’s life in a series of essays that studies where they fit into his music, would be very interesting.


Adam Spencer’s Numberland

By Adam Spencer

I’m a big fan of Adam Spencer and look forward to reading his newest title.


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