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11 group gift ideas for teachers that are fabulous

11 group gift ideas for teachers that are fabulous

If you’re looking for group gift ideas for teachers, it means only one thing: you drew the ‘class parent’ short straw and have been fielding emails about whether it’s a mufti day tomorrow all year. I feel your pain.

For some reason, I am a chronic over-volunteerer and my current posting is class parent for Year 10 at the high school. The great thing is, this only involves sending out an information newsletter once a term and pretending to be interested in getting a Year 10 parents’ morning tea get-together. I never bother with the parents’ morning teas as nobody really wants to show up to those things anyway.

I digress.

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You’re looking for group gift ideas for teachers, not counselling. Group gifts for teachers are a very good idea. Believe me, every teacher already enough candles, boxes of chocolates and hand cream to last them forever. Hell, they probably have enough to last the entire class forever.

Individual gifts are just pretty useless in the end. A group gift means buying power, so make the most of your little class conglomerate and go large.

Also, I highly recommend using Group Together to organise all the finances. It’s been a godsend for me for many years. (That comment wasn’t sponsored, by the way, I just really rate them!)

Here are all the ones that have been a hit for me over the years I’ve been foolishly class parent mothering. That’s about 11 class parent goes around, if anyone is counting… I need help…

Fab group gift ideas for teachers

1. The giant pot plant plus voucher

Group gift ideas for teachers

This was the top pick of all the group gift ideas for teachers over all the years. A massive hit. Why? Because we had The Creative Laser make up a “World’s Greatest Teacher” plaque to stick onto the outside of the pot, that’s why. Also, there are all the ‘thanks for helping our kids grow’ metaphors to add to the card. We also added a $500 Westfield gift voucher, which sealed the deal.

2. Uberkate anything

Combination Ubercircles 1 Extra Small, 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Lrg Silver

If you’re an Australian woman, you will know Uberkate jewellery. No doubt your kid’s teacher does too. A set of Ubercircles with ‘Mrs X’ class 2020′ year and a sweet message engraved on it is a really beautiful keepsake that she will actually wear. There are plenty of options for Mr teachers too.

3. Pamper times

Group gift ideas for teachers - day spa

Imagine teaching 30 of your kid day after day. Believe me, this teacher needs a pampering session. Get a voucher from a really luxe local spot and buy the most extravagant package you can afford. They’ve earned it! NB: this is not just for female teachers. Most day spas have awesome packages for blokes too.

6. Wine subscription

Group gift ideas for teachers - wine is always the answer

Through any number of wine subscription services, you can arrange to have a case of wine delivered every few months for a year. There will be one on this list that suits what you’re after. Your teacher will be grateful for a very long time. Obviously suss them out over whether they drink or not before signing up to this one. They have to teach a classroom full of kids mathematics, so chances are they will…

5. Cheese delivery

Mould Cheese Collective

A subscription to a beautiful monthly cheese service may seem a bit left-of-centre, but that’s the point. Everybody loves cheese* and this is also an invitation for them to kick back with a vino (see above) and a cheese plate once a month and toast their beautiful class of 2020.

*Do check that your teacher isn’t dairy intolerant, etc before subscribing for them.

6. A weekend away

Group gift ideas for teachers - holiday

This is such a good gift because it is such a huge surprise. And such a massive treat. Check in with your teacher to find a couple of nights in January or a weekend anytime that they have free and suss out who they might want to spend that time with. Now, pick a gorgeous spot not far from your town, book a luxe B+B and maybe an experience or dinner in the town you’ve chosen and done! A wonderful weekend/week away is on the class.

7. An adventure

Hot air ballooning is a great teacher gift

Book through a company like Red Balloon and you won’t be stuck trying to figure out if they’re the ‘mystery picnic’ or ‘bungi jumping’ kind. A voucher will give them plenty of options, but the sentiment will be there: we think you’re bloody unreal.

8. Every best seller

Buy books for your teacher this year

If they’re a reader (hot tip: most teachers are readers), they’ll love this one. Buy as many bestsellers from the year that was for them to get stuck into in the holidays. A big stack of books is the ultimate gift for so many of us. Another idea: allocate a different book to each kid to buy and bring them all in on a set day. Amazing!

9. Hamper full of treats

Hamper is a great group gift ideas for teachers

Whether it’s food, lotions, accessories or whatever, a hamper feels very thankyou-y and always feels big. Pack it into a reusable basket so that forms part of the gift too. Teachers seem to love a basket to cart their stuff around, don’t they? Ask a friend to come shopping with you and have a ball spending everyone else’s money.

11. Pure linen (if it’s not weird)

Linen is a wonderful gift for teachers

Look, I know it’s a bit personal asking your kid’s teacher how big their bed is BUT it’s so very worth it. Luxury pure linen sheet sets don’t come cheap, so use the class buying power to really treat your teacher. I really love my Bed Threads linen sheets, but there are lots of other options.

What are your best group gift ideas for teachers?