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Review: Why we love Modibodi undies

Review: Why we love Modibodi undies

It’s no secret from the headline: we love Modibodi at our place. One of my daughters has started her period (and the other is mysteriously looking forward to it). Before I bought her some Modibodi undies, her period was the worst possible thing that has ever happened to her.

Actually, her period is still probably the worst thing that has ever happened to her, but it’s better. It’s not cause for tears and tantrums every month. And who could blame her? I wouldn’t want to be using pads either. I haven’t used pads in the daytime in decades…

++ We were not gifted product nor paid for this completely independent Modibodi review, however Mumlyfe is a Modibodi affliate. Click here to see how it works. ++

When they first get their period, lots of young girls aren’t ready to give tampons a go. There are many reasons for this, but not feeling comfortable touching yourself or not being able to ‘get it in’ are two of the big ones. Before period pants like Modibodi came along, pads were the only alternative.

I snapped up a few pairs of the new RED range when Modibodi launched it. It’s the range created for tweens and teens. Cuter styles, smaller sizes. My daughter was reluctant to give them a go, and they sat in my drawer for a couple of months. If I could have squeezed into them myself, I would have.

Which led me to buy myself a few pairs of the regular range and start wearing them at night. I wanted to have some first-hand experience to pass onto my girl about the ‘ickiness’ of washing out blood from your undies. Turned out, it was no more ‘icky’ than rinsing clean a pair of pants that you’d had an accident in during the night anyway. Pads are so unreliable.

Modibodi RED review

Soon my girl was wearing her Modibodi undies and was far more smiley. I bought her more pairs, so we didn’t have to wash quite as often. Generally, a change or two of period undies is needed during the day, and a pair for night. We have 8 pairs – three drying from a wash, three ready to go for a day and an extra couple of pairs, just in case I don’t get around to washing straightaway. 

Modibodi are giving my girl the same freedom that tampons do, without the overwhelm or the environmental toll.

This season we’ve added a pair of swimmer bottoms to our collection, ready for summer. I can already tell they are going to be a hit. Those swimmer bottoms are giving my girl the same freedom that tampons do, without the overwhelm.

Here’s a quick round up of why we’re smiling about Modibodi knickers.

Modibodi undies are great because…

Modibodi are super-comfy

All cotton, stretchy, wide seams, all good. They wick your periods away from you all day and don’t bunch up and become uncomfortable (and ineffective) like a pad does. My daughter has even been known to wear a pair on non-period days, so that says a lot.

I still prefer to use a menstral cup / tampons myself, as I hate the feeling of ‘moistness’ (please excuse) that comes with collecting your period outside of your body. But for anyone using pads, these are a game-changer.

They last well

We’ve had some of our Modibodi undies for over a year and they are still going strong. The elastic holds up and the absorbency remains just as good. We’ve been careful not to use the dryer, as I reckon that might start to break down the stretch and perhaps the fibres in the period-part of the undies. So line dry only!

Modibodi are easy to clean

We just rinse them out in cold water as soon as we take them off. Once the water runs clear, we squeeze them out and leave them in the laundry sink until wash day. I wash them with a dark load and hang them out to dry. Turning them inside out helps them dry faster.

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They are easy to operate

Modibodi sent us a zip-up waterproof pouch along with our order (I’m not sure if it was a special offer or not). It’s easy to carry a fresh pair of undies in the pouch, and change when needed. The pouch keeps everything snug until we get home. I then rinse and leave to wash with our next dark load.

Modibodi don’t smell

No stinkiness, or feelings of ‘ick’ whatsover. They feel comfortable for hours (even on a heavy day). I think it’s fair to say that they don’t ‘smell’ any more or less than any other form of menstrual protection. Which is to say, not at all, thank you very much.

They are more eco-friendly

It does make you feel good to be rinsing and reusing every month.  Modibodi says that you can wear a pair of the period pants for the same period of time that you would need two pads or two tampons (depending on your flow, of course).

Modibodi undies are discrete

Modibodi are Australian-owned and ethical

They are designed in Australia and manufactured off-shore under fair work wages and standards. Their website also says they use wool sourced from Australian and New Zealand farms that do not perform mulesing. That matters to us.

They are discreet

Probably one of the most important things when you’re a high-schooler – these pants just look like a basic black pair of undies. The boy-leg version make a great pair of ‘scungies’ (is that what you call them too?) for under a school uniform. You can also get cute ‘normal undies-style’ patterns from the Modibodi RED range.

Modibodi swimmers review

The swimmers are a godsend

It sucks when you’re not ready for tampons, but you’ve got your period on a swimming day. Modibodi swimmers mean you can still jump right in with confidence. We bought a pair of the bikini pants that my daughter wears with her regular swim top and rashie. Such a relief to not have to sit out and deal with all the questions that goes with it! Do you remember that from when we were kids?

All in all, Modibodi are the kind of product I’m happy to scream about from the rooftops, which is why I’m writing this review. I’ve not been paid in cash or kind for writing this review, although I have used affiliate links in this post. I bought my own product.

If you’d like to give Modibodi undies a try for yourself or your daughter, click here.

All images courtesy of Modibodi

Period pants are ace for tweens and young teens, and here's all the reasons why


Tuesday 26th of November 2019

This is soo timely, I just came across these via a friend and was considering them, especially as I see they have swimmers back in stock. So now I know you have an affiliate link :-) always love to help, now to see what daughter thinks.

Bron Maxabella

Tuesday 26th of November 2019

They really are so good. So much easier, more comfortable and kinder.

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